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In case you've been living under a rock lately (or not a baseball which case find some rocks to live under), the Chicago Cubs are in the World Series for the first time in a lot of years. And so naturally, it got me thinking about all the movies that featured the Cubbies. And sure, the Indians were the featured team in one of the best baseball movies of all time (see our post), but that's the only movie they are in. The Cubs, on the other hand, have been in more than one. So without further ado, and apparently, as I'm watching Game 6 as I write this, just in time for Game 7, here are the movies that involved the Cubs, or anything Cubs related (off the top of my head, with no real research at all, in no particular order.)

Brewster's Millions

OK, it might be a stretch, but Monty Brewster wore a Cubs jersey in almost every scene in the movie. And, spoiler alert, unlike the Cubs (most years), Monty wins in the end. Omen?

Opportunity Knocks

After he left Saturday Night Live, Dana Carvey had a very short-lived film career in films not titled Wayne's World. But, wouldn't you know, he played a Cubs fan, and of course, went to a Cubs game, and of course, did his George Bush impression. (This movie also contains a favorite line of mine which I find myself saying from time to time: "The most important decisions we make aren't made in the boardroom, they are made in the bathroom.")

Taking Care of Business

Jim Belushi is a con man, ex convict. He's friends with Charles Grodin. They are Cubs fans, attending a Cubs/Angels World Series. Hey, back then it was sort of comical. And so was the catch by Belushi.

Rookie of the Year

The Cubs probably could use a young player who throws the ball over 100mph. Oh wait...

The Break-Up

Everyone knows Vince Vaughn is from Chicago. So naturally, this scene from The Break-Up puts him at Wrigley Field watching his beloved Cubbies. Ever have a hot dog?

Back To The Future, Part 2

The world almost lost it's stuff last year when it looked like the Back To The Future, Part 2 Cubs prophecy was going to come true. Then the Cubs blew it. But hey, maybe they were just a year off. Time travel isn't an exact science, ya know.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

And last but not least, the perfect day: Seeing priceless works of art, eating at a fine restaurant, singing in a parade, and taking in a Cubs game at Wrigley. Nothing great? I just hope the Bears win tomorrow night.

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